Titan™ Pro Alpha Massage Chair

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  • Product Description

    Titan™ Pro Alpha Massage Chair Highlights

    • New Arm Design
    • L-Track Roller Design for Under Buttocks and Glutes
    • Space Saving Feature
    • Zero Gravity Position
    • Bluetooth Speaker Connection
    • Foot Rollers
    • Shiatsu, Kneading, Tapping, Combo
    • Memory Function

    Titan Pro Alpha Massage Chair Features

    Titan Alpha Massage Chair

    Titan Alpha Adjustable ShouldersThe ALL new Titan TP-Alpha has been thoughtfully engineered to provide comfort and support, delivering all the benefits of a full body L Track massage that extends from the neck to the hamstrings. This innovative chair is fitted with Titan’s best features along with some new innovations - first of its kind design and functions.

    Adjustable Shoulders

    The Titan TP-Alpha massage chair is equipped with adjustable shoulders that allow you to change the width from narrow to wide (17” to 22”).

    Back Pad Pillow

    Controlling the intensity of the back massage has always been a problem for most massage chairs - especially chairs with L track technology. Most L track chairs are deep tissue without the ability to reduce the intensity. The engineers at at Titan have developed a simple but ingenious way to reduce the intensity for those looking for a milder massage without sacrificing the benefits of the L track massage.

    The head pillow folds open and transforms into a full back pad, reducing it to a medium intensity. Simply unfold it by separating the Velcro that keeps the pillow folded. Gently separate and let the pillow drape down to a full-size back pad as shown on the right.

    Titan Pro Alpha Back Pad Pillow

    Titan Alpha Computer Body Scanning SystemL-Track Massage Technology

    As the roller system massages the neck area, it continues through to the lower back and then proceeds to massage the glutes and the top of the hamstrings. The L shaped track has a total range of 50” with a maximum height of 6”4’ and max weight capacity of 235 lbs.

    Computer Body Scanning System

    When activating the chair, it will initiate a computer body scan that will roll from top to bottom, measuring key areas of your back and measuring your height. This allows for the chair to deliver a highly effective massage with a consistent pressure throughout pre-set programs.

    Dual Action Foot Rollers

    Titan Pro Alpha Dual Action Foot RollersLocated at the bottom of the foot massager are 2 different types of massage enhancements. The 1st is a roller that spins with bumps on the outer part of the wheel that mimic the feel of thumbs pressing onto the bridge or balls of your feet. The 2nd action is the forward and back motion, where the rounded points move front and back scraping the bridge and heels of your feet. With the airbag compression, you are getting 3 different types of massages at a time. The speed of the rollers can be adjusted to 3 different speeds.

    2 Stage Zero Gravity

    Inspired by NASA technology, the Zero Gravity position is the perfect position to enjoy a massage, aligning your back relative to your thigh at an optimal level of comfort. When reclined into the zero gravity position, the complete weight of your back is virtually supported by the backrest which maximizes the intensity of the massage. There are 2 stages of zero gravity, the 2nd being more reclined, to where your legs are higher than your heart level.

    Titan Pro Alpha Massage Chair 2 Stage Zero Gravity

    Titan Alpha New Ergonomic Straight Arm Massage DesignNew Ergonomic Straight Arm Massage Design

    Simply slide your arms and hands into the side panel cavity. With the unibody upper body construction, the arms massager will stay in the same position, whether you recline or raise the backrest. The straight arm position allows you to fully relax the arms, allowing you to freely drop the arms to your side in a very natural manner.

    Titan Alpha Pro 6 Pre-set Massage Programs6 Pre-set Massage Programs

    There are 6 different pre-set massage programs:

    • Express – massage covering the whole body in a short period of time
    • Wholesome – a combination of massage styles focusing on a little slower action with less tapping and knocking.
    • Oriental – massaging the whole body with the backrest rollers applying oriental massage techniques in conjunction with other styles.
    • Swedish – A combination of massage styles with a focus on deep tissue kneading action throughout the back.
    • Classic – An even use of all the massage styles the chair has to offer
    • Chiro – A combination of massages with a focus on where the rollers roll up and down along the spine.

    Manual Mode Massage

    When operating the chair in manual mode, you can select from 5 different massage styles ranging from shiatsu, kneading, flapping, knocking and kneading & tapping.

    Titan Pro Alpha Store Your Favorite Massage

    Store up to 2 different massage programs. Select the massage functions you most enjoy and activate the chair. Once the chair begins to perform your selections, press the M1 or M2 button to store it into the chair’s memory. The next time you get into the chair, you save time from having to reprogram it by simply pressing the massage stored in memory.

    LCD Monitor

    The remote control has been thoughtfully designed to fit in the palm of your hand. Although it is easy to hold and operate, don’t let the simplicity fool you. The remote is highly intuitive and allows you to have precise control of your massage. The easy to see LCD screen displays what part of the chair’s features are activated and where the massage heads are located. It indicates the remaining time of the massage with the intensity meter of the airbags and speed of the massage heads.

    28 Airbag Massage

    The Titan Alpha is equipped with a total of 28 airbags. The number of airbags in most cases will date the chair. The newest models have reduced the total number of airbags and have increased the coverage. The more individual airbags there are, the more working parts and valves it requires. The airbags are made of the latest type of material, allowing them to contour the body with an even distribution on pressure.

    Titan Pro Alpha Massage Chair Lumbar Heated Back PadLumbar Heated Back Pad

    On each side of the lower lumbar area are individual heating pads. Heat therapy is a great compliment to your back massage. Heating the body’s temperature is known to increase blood circulation and loosen tense muscles.

    Space Saving Technology

    Most typical massage chairs utilize a lot of space, especially when in the reclined position. Most massage chairs can require up to 3 feet behind the backrest in order to fully recline. Titan’s innovative design team has engineered a space saving technology that slides the chair forward as the chair reclines. Less than 6 inches of space is required when laying back!

    Titan Alpha Massage Chair Space Saving Technology

    Titan Alpha Side Panel ControlSide Panel Control

    The Titan Alpha takes convenience to a whole new level. No more fussing with the remote to operate the most vital commands of the chair! Located on the top of the side panel are 5 buttons that control the recline along with a pause feature that stops the chair from all functions.

    Titan Pro Alpha Massage Chair Bluetooth System with SpeakersBluetooth System with Speakers

    The Titan Alpha is equipped with bluetooth technology, allowing you to listen to your favorite songs and answer calls on high quality speakers located in the headrest. The sound is localized and directed to concentrate the sound towards the user of the chair. This will reduce the audio levels around its environment.

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    • Titan Pro Alpha Massage Chair DimensionsVoltage: 110-120V
    • Frequency: 60 Hz
    • Rated Power: 150W
    • Rated Time: 20 Minutes
    • Maximum Weight Capacity: 240 LBS

      Below, is the standard 3 year warranty, which includes all parts and labor for one year, all parts-only for two years and structural framework-only for three years.

      We also offer warranty upgrades, which add either one year to all of the above or two years to all of the above. You can upgrade the warranty above the Add to Cart button:

      4 Year Warranty: includes all parts and labor for two years, all parts-only for three years and structural framework-only for four years.

      5 Year Warranty: includes all parts and labor for three years, all parts-only for four years and structural framework-only for five years.

      3 Year Massage Chair Warranty

      Click here to view a printable copy of the Titan™ Pro Alpha Massage Chair owner's manual.


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